Harem pendant in amber glass 7 lights

Baroque and feminine pendant, oriental-inspired, tulip shades in smooth corrugated glass, amber glass and clear glass - Concept Verre - Pendants

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Beautiful pendant from the Harem collection, which is inspired by an oriental style to deliver a series of baroque and feminine suspension. This suspension is almost like a chandelier draws from the different models of the collection, which together offers different forms of lampshades tulip that are sometimes smooth glass, sometimes corrugated glass, sometimes amber glass, sometimes transparent, and all surmounted by a blown glass tube that forms volutes that give that feminine and oriental touch. The set is fixed by thin cables on a chromed metal plate on the ceiling.
Concept Verre develops from its Nice workshops a collection which revisits a retro vocabulary in contemporary and refined proposal, around a subtle use of the glass.
The Harem collection also includes a blue 3-light suspension under the reference 19050047 and simple suspensions under the references 19050001, 19050002, 19050003, 19050004, 19050005 and 19050006.
Dimensions: 60cm in diameter, 2.5m total height, lampshades are 16cm in diameter and 18.5cm in height and 22cm in diameter and 27cm in height.
The light source comes from 7 E14 and E27 carbon LED bulbs supplied with the luminaire.

Product reference: 19050046
Shipped within: 4 to 5 weeks
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Harem large spendant in amber glass of oriental inspiration. Concept Verre. Harem large Oriental suspension in amber and waved glass. Concept Verre.

Concept Verre

Luminaires in blown glass, transparent or colored

Concept Verre is a French manufacturer of design lighting. In 1988, Jean-Marc Chiatabelli founded Concept Verre, initially to select and distribute technical subassemblies used in the lighting industry. For thirty years, Concept Verre has been developing a range of luminaires with clean, modern and sculptural shapes, which is gradually evolving to produce the current range that includes many models of lamps, floor lamps, suspensions and wall lights. The range of design lighting proposed by Concept Verre is distinguished by the lightness, transparency and elegance of each of its models. Many Concept Glass luminaires feature a totally transparent shade and a chrome body. Thus, these luminaires do not impose any color, no matter on their environment, they blend in the decoration in which they are placed. The colorful, iridescent, chromed, smoked glasses and the two-glass layering are part of the brand's original features as well as its unique collection of bathroom lighting fixtures.

Harem pendant in amber glass 7 lights. Concept Verre.